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Back cover carries a description of the contents and the reason for the book's title, Know that I have Lived.
 Memoir author Jill Zima Borski shares momentous life stories in her book, Know that I have Lived, such as getting left behind twice as a child, finding a body part on the sidewalk, and winning a bicycle through an essay contest that sets in motion a lifelong love affair with cycling and bike racing. She scoops up treasure in a flowing stream, much to her and everyone else's surprise and relief. Growing up and moving from the northeast to Florida leaves Jill astonished when she cannot understand English in her new hometown, due to a heavy accent. Later, when someone yells "I've been shot," Jill is the babysitter-in-charge. Ambitious, Jill works at various jobs and comes to terms with the value of money. Courageous and strong, becoming an exchange student precipitates yearly trips to Europe as a young woman, 20 times in 20 years. Many short stories in the vein of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten should delight readers of all ages.
 Triathletes and cyclists will enjoy her racing stories as she includes only the most amazing true tales. Following the professional cyclists in the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France in the early 90s, Jill is 'adopted' by the Spanish team CLAS who is surprised to see her day after day over two months as she follows the races on her bike, accompanied by little more than two changes of clothes and a camera. In 'Feeling the Fear,' Jill tells of other adventures that led to involuntary reactions that surprised her and enhanced her self-knowledge. In the end, Jill is keenly aware that the mean streets of a large city are changing her and she decides she has nowhere to go but down, to the ultimate escape territory of the Florida Keys.
 The setting moves from the Midwest to the northeast to Florida and to Switzerland, Italy and France from the 1960s to the 1990s. Blessed with a loving family who nevertheless add craziness to her life, Jill shows that even with every advantage, life is not for the weak or the artistic.

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Book cover shares school photos from kindergarten through 12th grade.
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Jill signs her memoir with two young fans at a book signing in Islamorada.
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