Jill Zima Borski
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   Jill  has been a self-employed writer, photographer and editor in the Florida Keys since 2001. Know that I have Lived is her first self-published work and she encourages feedback and discussion about it.
   Jill also welcomes speaking and teaching opportunities and book signings. She loves to talk to book groups about her memoir as well. 
This is me in our home at 1560 Yearling Drive in Florissant, Mo. in about 1965. I have the precursor to an E-Z bake oven and maybe a refrigerator behind me, and a blow-up punchball in my hand. The Long Playing records on the bookshelf surely reflect a time gone by.
About Jill Zima Borski
 Jill currently shares her knowledge at the Florida Keys Community College teaching Memoir Writing Made Easy. For a few years now, she also has taught the Great Decisions curriculum, a public affairs discussion class coordinated by the Foreign Policy Association. These classes put to work Jill's Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University in political science and mass communications and her Master of Science degree from Indiana University in telecommunications. She also will teach "Writing Life Stories" in 2013 at the new community art offerings by the Morada Way Arts District in Islamorada.
 Jill was the second oldest in a busy family of six kids. Although they occasionally compared themselves to the Brady Bunch, they had no dog, and mom had no "Alice" to assist her. Jill loved being a member of a large, active and loving family in which exciting things were constantly happening in sports, the arts or academics.
 The family moved fairly frequently in response to corporations' needs. This enabled Jill to see different parts of the Midwest, Northeast and Florida. Jill shares a couple of stories that show how language dialects even in the U.S. differentiate our population and separate us.
 America's borders were not limiting; however, Jill felt compelled to explore beyond them, first as an exchange student at age 15 and then during yearly and occasionally bi-annual trips to Europe from 1981 through 2001. These trips enabled enthralling encounters, a few of which she describes in Know that I have Lived.
  Attending a Catholic school for kindergarten through sixth grade led to certain experiences such as being selected to portray the Virgin Mary during an annual nativity play. Rather than being an ethereal experience, Jill discovers the devil rearing his head. In this and other true tales, Jill describes incomprehensible happenings from a child's perspective. Being left behind during a family outing shows how vulnerable and sensitive a child can be as she tries to make sense of certain situations.
  Equipped with a great education and a strong work ethic, Jill's job search in the Southeast turns up little opportunity. As she tries to find her way down a career path which looks more like a dirt road to nowhere, she explores alternatives such as working as a travel agent which enables travel to faraway places.
  With a knack for speaking several languages, Jill decides her bike is her best and favorite mode of transportation for many of her trips since it enhances her contact with the local people. Although this decision is not for the weak, Jill shares her love of cycling in a singular summer in 1991 when she views the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France professional bike races in person. Befriended by an international cycling team from Spain, the young woman encounters goodness and kindness that is not forgotten.
 Know that I have Lived is a memoir in essays. It is not completely linear as some themes overlap years. You will not read, "I was born this date in this town!" Jill instead shares her most memorable moments with humor and warmth while highlighting universal themes of alienation, fear, naivete, self-discovery and clairvoyance. Determining life is not for the weak or the artistic, the conclusion shows there is nowhere left for her to go but down -- to the ultimate escape territory of the Florida Keys. 

What readers are saying about my book

Jan. 29, 2014

http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/ALINZJ09U8UWR/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp: Knowing the author was one of the reasons I enjoyed the read. It brought back memories of a childhood I will always cherish. I came from the small town of Pittsfield, life was so simple then, that even just riding your bike was a real adventure. Jill captures these moments beautifully. It's like your reading it through the eyes of a child. Nice Work. I also found it interesting to find out what had become of my best friend. She has become a well achieved person. Somehow I always knew she would. We were both so competitive, though she's definitely come a lot further than I. Look forward to reading more from her.

Playing house
Jill Zima Borski attened her sister's wedding in March 2012, and she liked this natural photo taken by her husband.
Jill circa 1965 with EZ Bake oven, punchball, long playing records and other toys.
​May 2013

 "Not only did your book work wonders in terms of serenity and equanimity, but it also evoked great smiles and personal memories."
  "I finished the book in one day. It is amazing how little weknow of people we have known for years. I think my enjoyment of the book was increased because it allowed me to understand you on another level. You are quite a courageous, tenacious and strong woman with a compelling story to tell. When your boys are older, it will be a treasure. Your philosophy, attitude, and choices in the face of frustration and adversity is inspiring.
  I care for you and admire you, even more now than before, and I cared for you a lot before."
 What's next for me, you might ask? I am working on
Know that I have Loved
the sequel to my current memoir, as well as on a fictional romance novel set in both the U.S. and Italy.
Know that I have Loved will cover true stories about my life from 1995 to the present, which is the year Know that I have Lived concluded.