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Here are some more photos from days gone by, and of me promoting my work. 
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Jill in her Christmas dress in December 1965 in Missouri. Birthday presents are on the table (Dec. 14 is Jill''s birthday).
St. Mark's Middle School class photo fpr 1973-1974 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
Jill holds Know that I have Lived while on a radio talk show in Islamorada., Florida
Ponterril Pool, Pittsfield, MA, General Electric Plastics Division, annual picnic, 1969
(Left): My memory is a little foggy but this photo by Art Marasco of Lenox, Mass. was taken at the annual General Electric picnic in June 1969. My dad worked in the Plastics division. I am engaged in a peanut hunt, and next to me is my younger brother, John. Depending on how many hidden peanuts we found, we were given prizes. There were other games for kids such as hippity-hop races. The setting may be Ponterril pool in Pittsfield, Mass., and maybe it was a country club. 
Florissant, MO, mom and dad with the Marquises, and children
This photo in our home in Florissant, Mo. (above) taken in Feb. or March 1966, shows dad, left, holding my brother John, with me in red next to him; then a neighbor, and then mom holding baby Jody. We flew to Pittsfield, Mass. and a new home just after this.
Jill Zima Borski at Writers and readers Sminar in Islamorada, Florida Keys sharing memoir writing tips
Jill Zima Borski at Islamorada Readers and Writers Seminar March 9, 2013 in the Florida Keys sharing memoir writing tips with attendees. The free seminar, created by Jill, will be an annual event.     Photo by Frank Hawkins
Where am I? Fourth row, far left... I haven't changed!
20 Elmview Terrace in 1966, off of Elm Street in Pittsfield, Mass. where the Zima family lived from about 1966-1970.
 20 Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield, Mass., site mentioned in Know that I have Lived, a memoir in essays
(Left): 20 Elmview Terrace, Pittsfield, Mass. today. My mom and dad bought this house in 1966 (below left) for slightly more than $23,000. 
(Below): 20 Elmview Terr. backyard today. Gone are the great treehouse and the lilac bushes that lined the fence at left. At right is the tree where John climbed so high he was afraid to get down. Today, a child could not reach the lower limbs to climb it, but 47 years ago, we could and frequently did!
20 Elmview Terrace in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, home of the tree climbing incident  I write about in Know that I have Lived